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  • Clarence Smith ·
    I will certainly will let you know if there is anything that might like to get,but at this time it would not be till mid February if I do want anything you got that your willing to sell.. The only thing that would worry me is the cost of shipping something to me which you do not live in the USA and shipping might be crazy but will have to have you check into what shipping cost would be..
    Clarence Smith ·
    Hello Ifti,I going to be looking at getting a Gimbal for my iPhone X,which one out there would you say would be a good choice on buying,I did look at your You Tube channel and I did not notice did you do a review of the DJI Osmos Mobile as this is one I am thinking of getting along with the Removu S1 which I hoping that they would have had a adapter that could be mounted the same way you can swap out adapters for different cameras..I really like the Removu S1 because of its main feature of being able to use it as a handheld or wearable gimbal..I do have another question what happens to all the items that you do reviews on?
    Paul Tracey ·
    I have recently bought a GoPro Hero 5 and paired it to my iphone. I set up the remote side of things fine, go into the studio, turn on phone, open settings on phone, turn on camera and everything works fine. Next day the same. Next day no joy, can not link from iphone to camera, go to settings, no sign of camera. Reset everything - all well for a couple of days, then all link dissapears again.
    Please explain what is going on.


    Clarence Smith ·
    Sounds good Ifti,I be looking forward to seeing if they will let you do a review on it as it surely looks like it will be a good contender for a action camera..
    Clarence Smith ·
    Hello Ifti,I know how you like doing reviews on action cameras and other things and you do a awesome job on the reviews,,Well I just came across something you may or may not want to see about doing a review on,

    It is called the Revl Arc,it is not out yet looks like it be around December 2016, here is a video and link to the website about it..Looks like it will be a really impressive action camera to own..

    Here is the video..
    Dr. Z ·
    ifti, a question. Is membe "Hobby Mounts" a partner of the website? If not (and I don't see him listed) I will ask him to remove links to his store from his signature line.
    triplehooked ·
    Ifti, Great info. on you tube. Thank you for contributing. I accidentally posted my question in the wrong forum as I do not have the Hero 3+, just the Hero Black and I do not see a way for me to move or delete. Thank you.
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