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  • Ifti ·
    Hi Clarence, I've not been too keen on iPhone Plus and X gimbals since the cameras in these models already have optical image stabilisation - when used with a gimbal you get micro jitters etc - well documented in previous YouTube videos. Apparently you are supposed to switch stabilisation off when using a gimbal (hence the reason why when you insert a Hero 6 into a Karma Grip, the stabilisation in the Hero 6 switches off completely) but you cant switch OIS off in the iPhone. I'll see if I can pick up a good smartphone gimbal and test.
    As for my reviewed items, many of these are self purchased, some are supplied for review. Either way I tend to keep some, but end up selling some also in order to recover some of my own costs that go into making the reviews in the first instance! All items are kept with packaging in mint condition! Hence if you ever see anything Ive reviewed and are interested, give me a shout!! ;o)
    Ifti ·
    That looks cool!
    Thanks for the info, and for your continued support - I'll see if I can contact them ;o)
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