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  • chrisevans ·
    Thanks that is a great help ;) i have been playing with it and think i have got what you have advised , just wanted some one else who has used them more to advise me thanks .
    Fish ·
    What I do is learn the camera in advance, not the last minute, do not want to sound rude, we all know bad things come out of it. I for one learned my lesion with a canon elphi lol.

    Gopro app is up and running. the highest viewable resolution will be HD1080P, no higher, Also 120fps and slow mo will not show something gopro felt locking on us.

    Best resolution for any type of stuff I found worked for me was HD10800P30-60fps medium view. all my vacation clips were actually hd1080P30fps. not sure if that helped out. Scuba diving you want the best lighting possible, and 2k will be that. But wull not show on the Wi-Fi. as wel lwi-fi does not work under water pass 2 inches or so, the remote will not the gopro append gopro water is Wi-Fi's enemy. unless you got sonar
    chrisevans ·
    Hi , im after some advice off to Egypt in the next few weeks and i am going scuba diving for the first time and im not sure what the best settings are for underwater video..i will have a Samsung tab with me to tranfer my footage any help will be grateful :)
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