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Bubba Fisch 04-09-2019 01:16 AM

android 5.1.1 not compatible with latest gopro app?
Hi -- just invested upwards of $1K for 2 (two) Hero7 Black cams... along with a bunch of accessories etc. Cameras seems to work just fine, however when I eventually tried to download the gopro App I ran into a message on the Play Store that my phone is NOT compatible with the application. -- Really?

I have a Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime phone. The phone is running on Android 5.1.1. -- And when I called support and spoke with 'Jay' the customer-support rep.... he tells me that my phone is too old.
--- Really?

No the phone isn't new. Yes the phone works extremely well for me. No I've never had any problems in the past downloading and installing ANY app from the play store.

In essence, I was told that in order to use the gopro App with my (rather expensive) new camera purchases... that I'll now have to go out and buy a new phone.

Really? -- is that true? -- if so then I'm not particularly impressed.

Hopefully I'm mistaken about this somehow.

Boznoz 04-09-2019 04:09 AM

you can go and try different older versions of the app, they are all available online and you will find one that works hopefuly with the 7.
On the side note, if you can afford 2 hero 7 blacks, you can afford a phone that runs newer android. Even my 2 years old xiaomi 4a that i bought for 100dollars works ok with the newest Gopro app. It sucks for editing purposes tho but i have a pc for that anyways

Fish 04-09-2019 05:15 AM

I have no issues with my Iphone 6. I have issues with GoPro because they are the one in control they have the right to do what they want with the App, If you think Myk will work try it out its not free but still free to use.

Please report back let the site @Bubba Fisch and all know then just come on and complain (talk ) you spent a grand and moved on.


Jatekman 04-10-2019 01:34 AM

Welcome to the forum, if you don't insist on the GoPro app then you can try other apps like ActionCamSuite, it has all the functions of the original apps.

Ciao Rob

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