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GoPro Hero 3 crackling/static sound in a vehicle. Even out of the clear case and held in hand.

I have a Hero 3 Silver edition. Seems like the hero 3's all have this crackling/static sound when put in or on a vehicle. I have searched all over for help. Taken it out of the housing and held it while driving, still this crackling issue. Exchanged for a new one, still does it. I don't want to believe this is just the way it is and it's acceptable. I don't see many people up in arms about it. Firmware is up to date.

For this crackling/static to be heard, it must be in/on a vehicle moving at speed. Sounds great when not moving/idle. The more noise surrounding the GoPro, the more the crackling/static is being drowned out. It's harder to hear but still there.

Test it out by holding the gopro out of the case in your hand and drive around. If this isn't normal then I will exchange for a new one....again.

Thank you in advance.

The first video is from my hero 3 silver. The rest are from black and white editions found on youtube.

and many more.
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Maybe interference with the

Maybe interference with the radio, or mobile phone?

Has to be an interference problem doesn't it?
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Have the same problem. I have

Have the same problem. I have try with suction kit and frame, also with waterproof housing. The noise is the same (crankling) in the car.
It is disturbing... :~
When you get some solutions please tell me...
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In the examples you provide

In the examples you provide there's a lot of bass (music or loud muffler) coming from the car. [url=""]This link goes to a test with a quieter car[/url] where you don't hear the crackle.

It could be that the bass is overwhelming the microphone on the Hero3. If someone could try it with a good microphone plugged into the Hero3, that might show a difference.
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Well I am glad to see that I

Well I am glad to see that I am not the only one having this issue, or at least not the only one that finds this to be an issue.
I got my GoPro Hero 3 white edition at the beginning of this month, after the first test I found a faint beeping noise on the audio, I contacted the GoPro support in this regard. After some more tests found this constant static (crackling noise) whenever the car is moving (still have a couple of things to check out here) but what you are saying that it does it in and out of the frame disturbs be greatly. In the time it took GoPro support to respond to me, I was in contact with the local supplier where I bought it, and the camera was exchanged for another, but I had exactly the same issues on the new camera as well.

It was only after this that the gopro support finally got back to me, where I aired both the noise issues I am having and sent videos of said issues to the support as well, I was informed that there is nothing wrong with the sound in the videos and that my camera is working perfectly. More enquires was just responded to that camera is not meant to do professional audio recoding and that I am expecting to much of the camera....I can understand this, but what bothers me is that I have a bunch of other cheaper cameras as well, and none have these issues, I would at least have expected the gopro to be equal or better that these other cameras.

I have now asked if I can rather be contacted by someone with more technical insight into there cameras from gopro as I would like to remedy the problem with an external mic, but I want to be sure it is going to fix the problem before I potentially waste more money on something that I have wasted enough money on already.

Some videos with the static noise:
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The bass/loud muffler

I have shut off my cellphone and still the same issue. Turned off the car and coasted down a hill and still the same issue....I'm stumped.

The bass/loud muffler shouldn't be an issue.....false advertisement maybe?

An external microphone will fix the issue, but you lose the waterproof option. That is great for in car footage, but I live in Oregon where it rains a lot and need a waterproof camera if I ever choose to get outside the car footage. This little thing isn't cheap and I don't like the idea of spending more money just to make it function properly.

To be honest, I think there is a bad batch of Hero 3's out there. I have a few acquaintances that have hero 3's and use them on a professional level. They think my camera has a bad microphone. Theirs doesn't do it at all. Again, I have exchanged mine once already and will do it again if a remedy isn't found soon.

I haven't tried this hero 3 snowboarding yet which is the only other thing I will use it for, but have found many videos on youtube and cannot find one with the bad audio sound. Keeping my fingers crossed....
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Updated video at slow

Updated video at slow speed.....still crackling sound
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I believe my H3BE makes two

I believe my H3BE makes two and records two noises.

The first one starts as soon as you turn recording on. A continuous pulsing electronic hiss at least in 1080 30FPS. If you wish to test for this, start recording and place the camera in the plastic box provided when you purchased the camera. The box is quiet(?). If you have software with the ability to show audio such as GarageBand, iMovie, Final Cut, or whatever, you can see it too. Not a nice flat line of silence. A tiny squiggle of noise. It seems to me to be in both channels, right and left.

The second sound is the crinkly sound due to vibration. I have a hybrid car, engine on or off, but car rolling the noise is present. Doesn't seem to be related to spark plugs or other engine electrical. I thought tire pressure monitors, but they are active when the car isn't rolling.

I have some more testing to do, but the first noise didn't seem present when the resulting movie is played through the camera's HDMI port into a TV. Haven't played a rolling car movie into a TV yet.

I'm not an audio engineer, just a new owner a bit disappointed in a camera that picks up speech in a car so well, but it is buried in layers of static.
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the window acts as a big

the window acts as a big diaphragm, will collect noise. I learned this from many of the camera's I owned. Since you have the option to use the external mic, until you try that, and get a sample , you will just have to deal with the issue at hand. You may try to place some cushion on the mic, see if that may eliminate the crackle?

Another issue I had was the lens chattering the same way, on a Auto focus cam, once I switched to manual that stopped.

keep us posted. just a thought

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On my Hero 2 I once plugged

On my Hero 2 I once plugged in a microphone extension line with no microphone, thinking this would give me a silent video and I wouldn't need to remove the wind and car noise. Much to my surprise, I got some low noise along with pulsing sound at a frequency of about once per second.
[url=""]Here's a video I shot with that noise.[/url]
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