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Announcements in Forum : Aerial Videography/Photography
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Please Read our Rules and FAQ Before Posting

To All do not read the rules
Please see rule No. 1 you need FIVE posts don't bother reading.

First and foremost, welcome to - The GoPro forum. We are very happy to have you as part of our fast growing community. We hope you can learn some tricks about your GoPro and we strongly encourage you to post your own tips, discoveries. IF YOU ARE A NEW MEMBER YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO POST VIDEOS OR LINKS UNTIL YOU HAVE SATISFIED THIS FORUMS 5 POST REQUIREMENT. We have had some data breaches and this requirement allows us to better screen new members.

So you finally found your way here (Smiles) and you wonder why that 1st post containing a link was unapproved or there was a temporary removal of the link. Please read on.

Site Rules

Rule 1. If your 1st post contains links to a video, .jpgs, .png's etc, it will be removed (see the text above in RED). This site has a five post requirement for extensions. Meaning we monitor you while you are a newbie. During those first five posts attachments will be removed. No exceptions including Moderators.

You may appeal to a mod in the HELP FEEDBACK SECTION to place the link so that you can get your problem solved but depending on the problem it is at the discretion of the mod to place the link back or allow it to stay.

Site Guidelines

We have some guidelines so please give them a read before posting.

1. is a community of like-minded enthusiasts, we are all here to help each other learn and thrive. Please keep GoPro Forums a positive environment. Name calling, taunting, trolling and other schoolyard behavior are not welcomed here.

2. A. NO commercial or private advertising or crowd funding posts are allowed. Content deemed to be commercial in nature which have not been pre-approved by a mod/admin will be removed or edited without warning. This includes any posts with links to your website, a link in your signature or logo as your avatar. Further, commercial user names such as or are not permitted. If there is something you are not sure about, PM a moderator/admin.

2. B. We have a number of 'supporting vendors' who help support GoPro Forums and are exempt from the above restriction on commercial content and advertising. These users are identified by the Supporting Vendor badge below their name.
Please PM an admin for more information on becoming an official site sponsor. Once you are an official sponsor, you may post specials and new product information threads in the Sponsor's Area as well as have a link to your website in your signature.

2. Videos; are subject for removal as follows, other sites without their permission. Videos with no commentary, 1st time posters are unapproved, no exceptions until your 5 post count satisfied. All video outside the video section under posts are immediate removal,

3. Please do not post the same thread/content multiple times to gain additional exposure on our forum. This is considered spamming and is unnecessary especially if it is in the wrong section. Your duplicate threads will be deleted without notice and if the violation is flagrant and deemed intentional you will be banned.

4. This is a family oriented site, adult-content is absolutely not permitted. If you wouldn't feel comfortable showing it to your children don't show it to us.

5. Have fun, learn something about the GoPro or help out another member. Yes, this is a rule!

6. Situations which stray from these guidelines will be dealt with accordingly. Users who repeatedly stray may have privileges temporarily or permanently suspended.

If you notice content which goes against the guidelines which we have outlined, please use the 'Report Post' button which is at the bottom of every post (see image below), or PM an admin/mod

All Video Embedding, and Links

Restrictions apply (See below):

Members must follow the rules and suggested guidelines

Members must have satisfied the minimum of 5 post count.

Flame another member in a forum, thread or reply = get yourself banned no exceptions. If you want to flame someone do it in a pm. If you don't want to see someones posts ever again use the ignore button. Be nice or be gone.
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